deco1.jpg   Maximise stakeholder value through products and services with the lowest total cost of ownership

  • Be obsessed with cost improvement
  • Achieve an industry-leading return on investment.
  • Encourage teamwork, empowerment, learning, innovation and risk-taking
  • Deliver value to our customers while meeting our profit objectives.
  • Make significant capital and technology investments in areas that add customer value.
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Conduct all business with up most integrity

  • Always be open, honest and respectful
  • Adhere to the highest standards of business ethics without exception.
  • Practice great sense of commitment
  • Develop trusting relationships with all stake holders.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for results.

Operational Excellence

Demonstrate competitively superior quality and performance in all our products and services

  • Be alert and always innovative to improve quality and reliability
  • Emphasize root cause corrective action
  • Establish clearly defined goals and yardstick
  • Reduce reinvention of wheel